NLP Techniques and Definitions

NLP consists of a set of powerful techniques to effect change. Some of these techniques are as follows, with their definitions:


The process by which an individual can access additional supportive resources when required. Some examples of this would be:

  • Increase confidence levels in a testing situation.
  • Increase persuasiveness in a sales situation.
  • Increase effectiveness of a communication.


The process of reading another person’s internal responses in an ongoing interaction to facilitate more effective communication and enhance the achievement of outcomes.


The process of establishing a relationship with a subject that is characterised by harmony, understanding, mutual confidence, and trust. The technique requires training in reducing to a minimum the perceived difference at the unconscious level between you and the person or people you are communicating with.


A technique for turning problems into solutions through the simple use of specific patterns of language. A process used to separate a problematic behaviour from the positive intention to the internal part responsible for that behaviour. New choices of behaviour are established that maintain the positive intent but don’t have the problematic by-products.


A set of explicit mental and behavioural steps used to achieve a specific outcome. This is represented by a specific sequence of representational systems used to carry out the specific steps.


The subclassification of external experience. The decomposing into its components of a picture, sound or feeling.

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Good afternoon! Can you believe we are half way through January already? Where has the time gone since Christmas? This is our first post in 2019. We have had a busy first week back at work planning and getting ready for 2019. I also had to take some time out for some self-care too but we are all back and raring to go for what will be an amazing year with new projects and training courses in the pipeline along with some exciting adventures to look forward to.

Our fourth member of the team, Cuddles the Wonder Cat has been through the wars of late and has had a lot of tests and visits to the vets to contend with. This little lad just takes it in his stride and we are very proud of him at how he deals with it all. He is well known and loved by all the team at the vets and is so chilled that he makes himself at home there. We have so many stories of his antics and adventures that when he is feeling a little better he is going to start writing his own blog.

How is your 2019 shaping up so far?
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Happy Christmas! 🤶
We love our Christmas glasses collection 😎 Which ones to wear tonight? Have a fabulous time! x
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All the cat toys this lad has and his favourite thing to play with is a sharpie 😻🐱 #cat #catsofinstagram ... See MoreSee Less

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